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Transforming Swiss Recruitment with AI-Powered Screening and Video Interview

Recruitment requires a partner who understands the challenges of finding top talents. MoonWork’s innovative platform goes beyond traditional resumes with dynamic profiles and video presentations, showcasing candidates' skills and creativity.

Our proactive talent sourcing builds a curated pool of exceptional professionals, ready to advance your business. Discover how our cutting-edge recruitment solutions can transform your hiring process.

Recruit Our Talents

Tech Talents: The Best Tech Talents In Switzerland
Discover Switzerland's top tech professionals with MoonWork. Our AI recruitment platform showcases top developers, IT experts, product managers, and more technology talents through dynamic video presentations.
Industrial Talents: The Best Insdustrial Talents In Switzerland
Discover Switzerland's top industrial talents with MoonWork. Our AI recruitment platform showcases skilled workers, manufacturing technicians, construction workers, logistics coordinators, and assembly line operators through dynamic video presentations.

Our Recruitment Services

Job board with Application Tracking System
Post job openings on our job board and track applications easily with our free ATS. Candidates can present themselves through videos, ensuring you never miss out on top talents.
Headhunting with AI Matching
Leverage our AI-powered headhunting service to find the perfect candidates. Our intelligent matching algorithms connect you with professionals whose skills, experience and values align with your needs.
Employer Brand Videos & Photos
Enhance your employer brand with engaging videos and photos. Showcase your company culture and values to attract top talents effortlessly.

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